10 November 2010

Tuesdays with Tiffany....on Wednesday

...and a spotlight on Isaac's obsession, Geography!

Isaac's first "State Journal Page"...Objective is for him to draw the state, put a star on the capitol, and write a simple sentence about the state.  He has to make up his own sentence.

Pennsylvania: The Keystone State. And, yes, he even knows what a keystone's job is.  At my last inquiry of him about what a keystone is, he answered  very matter of factly, "It keeps things from falling apart, like Jesus keeps my heart from falling apart!"

New Jersey. He didn't write a sentence here, but he did make sure to draw Thomas Edison and the light bulb!

Georgia: The picture to the far left is a peanut plant, next  to it a peach tree, then a peach and peanut.  The train you see is the "state train of Georgia" called the "Peach Glider".  He didn't draw a star for Atlanta, but who knows why?!

This is his first time to come up with such a "real" sentence!  "Peaches and Peanuts grow in Georgia!"

Connecticut: It is the Nutmeg State.  I know the river is mislabeled, but I just wrote what Isaac told me. He's so rarely wrong about these things, that I took his word for it!  There really is a river though that divides the state in half!

Massachusetts: It is the Bay State.  This is his first time doing the copying without some amount of guidance. A few misspellings, but altogether, not bad for a 4 year old!

We haven't gotten to this state, yet, but Isaac made the landscape of Arizona. The cross looking things are cacti, the "wood floor" is the dessert sand, and the circle train track is going around the Grand Canyon!

We can't do Geography without trains!

This is a fabulous site called Sheppard Software.  It has great games and activities from pre-school to high school!  We'll skip a few things on their site, but overall, we love it!

 This is a video of Isaac playing one of the geography games. He gets the general outline of the United States, and then has to click on the space the state that they tell him is in!  He does a really good job with this!