The Acuffs are a new-to-home-education family living for Christ and currently stationed near Ann Arbor, Michigan. With family ties to the Mid-Atlantic and southern Plains states, they hope to never run out of interesting material to keep two kids entertained and educated.

Some of the family's major interests include: teaching (both at home and church), disciplemaking, food gardening, crafting & sewing, birding, travel, trains, photography, genealogy, and the occasional cutthroat game of Scrabble.

The Learners

Isaac, age almost-5
Obsessed with trains and drawing

2010-2011 learning goals: U.S. States, basic math facts, elementary entomology, and how to drive grown-ups crazy through the interrogative "Why?"

Esther Rose, age 2
Devoted to walks around the block, giraffes, Tootsie Rolls, and generally un-putting away the living room

2010-2011 learning goals: Communication (sign and speech), gross motor skills, gaining weight like a prizefighter

Zeb (aka MichiganPete), age 32
Consumed by the demands of being a rookie stay-at-home dad to two preciously precocious pint-sized people

2010-2011 learning goals: How to home-educate, in-depth study of Paul's letter to the Romans, canning apple butter, basic piano, and the finer points of keeping house