03 October 2010

Gospel Challenge

This morning, Pastor Bert issued a challenge to the congregation.

There are 89 chapters among the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). There are 89 days left from now—4 October—to the end of the year (or so he said; I haven't counted myself).

The challenge? For the rest of the year, read one chapter of the Gospels each day. We start tomorrow with Matthew 1 (actually, I read it tonight to the kids at bedtime, but Tiffany and I plan to read it again on our own).

Old Bible
'Old Bible' photo by eye2eye on Flickr.com

If we claim to be Christians, we must be people of the Book. We have to know what the Bible says if we claim to believe in it. John MacArthur said:
"The Bible is always attacked.  The worst attack of all is by people that say they believe the Bible, yet don't know what it teaches.  That is the subtlest kind of attack there is.  There are people all across America who say, "I believe the Bible from cover to cover," but they don't know one paragraph of it.  They believe what they don't know."

If we want to show fruit in our lives, and not just be leafy, we have to have the same mind as Jesus. So many of the activities and ministries that we claim as evidence of our faith and salvation are really only leafy and never produce a single fruit for the Kingdom.

So come along with us and read the Gospels. When was the last time you really did?

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