05 October 2010

How is a Librarian like a Bartender?

...they both cut you off when you've reached your limit.

It's the return of Library Monday. We skipped our weekly library trip last week for some reason that I can't recall now, but we made up for it this week by taking the whole family, through the woods, with the wagon. Fun times. It's cooled down enough here that the killer mosquitoes in the woodlot aren't a concern anymore. Thankfully, no need for these in October in Michigan.

Our pattern over the last month or so has been that we end up checking out more books than we return (or at least it feels that way when we're carrying the books back home). I've joked that, taken to its extreme, this pattern would eventually result in us schlepping the library's entire circulating collection to our bookshelf at home.

I no longer have to fear this conclusion, however. As we were checking out tonight, the librarian got to our last book on the counter and received an error message on the screen - we had reached our limit! Apparently, 30 books is it for any single patron to have at one time.

So, here's the Saline District Library's current off-site storage inventory, with a beginning reader thrown in for scale:
And of course, he selects the train book.

Esther even gets in on the action from time to time. Here's a shot of Isaac teaching Esther about different types of trains:

And Esther having enough...
I tell ya, kid, this home education is hard work!

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