27 August 2010

On Task and On Time

As I start into the realm of home education--and, in the larger context, being at home all day--I wonder if there isn't something akin to deschooling for the new stay-at-home parent. Here I am in my first day of being home all alone - no kids, no wife - and I'm still in my pajamas and stuck on the Internet. It's not that I don't have things to do; it's just that I can't seem to motivate myself to do them.

I rationalize by saying that it's "me" time, or that I'm doing research in preparation for homeschooling, or that I'm updating the blog (!), but really, am I getting anything productive done? I need to prepare my Bible study lesson for Sunday morning, I should shower/shave/get dressed, I should wash the dishes in the sink, I should finish the Scrabble board for Saturday's market, I should, I should, I should...

But back to the deschooling idea - do I just admit I need a period of "de-corporating"? Or is it just an excuse for laziness? And when is my decorporation* complete? Will it be? The sloth in me likes the "one month for every year" guideline - that means that sometime in January I'll be ready to go. Just think of all the pajama-wearing web surfing I could get done by then! I might even reach the end of the internet.

Or should I take lessons from my business life and create a schedule for myself? Allow time for Facebook/Twitter/blogging, but limit it accordingly. Put to together weekly and daily task lists? I think I like this idea, if only because it feels like I'm doing something - and as you'll likely come to find out, I like to look busy.

Maybe I'll think about it in the shower...

*Is this like decomposition? It feels like it after skipping shaving for a week!

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