25 August 2010

Where Insanity is Defined

If insanity truly is repetition expecting different results, count me in.

I've tried lots of times before to create a blog. Now, however, I think I may have a workable angle: stay-at-home dad recently separated (voluntarily!) from corporate life and re-tasked as a homeschool teacher for our four-year-old son (and eventually our 17mo daughter). Along the way, I'd like to maintain and expand our food garden, get into canning, maybe drop some green lifestyle tips and tricks (although we're far from perfect), develop my photography skills, and perhaps write e-books/homeschool curriculum. Gotta pay the bills somehow!

We're just starting to formally (as formal as it gets, I suppose) homeschool our son, and he's currently big into geography, US states in particular. A couple nights ago, my wife and I began to brainstorm curriculum ideas based on the order each state joined the Union. Delaware is first up, and since I happen to know a little something about the state <cough>livedtherefortwentyfouryears<cough>, here's hoping things come together smoothly.

Stop by to see how we're doing and determine whether or not I have lost my mind. Feel free to 'follow' our journey - I'll do my best to make it an interesting ride.

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